Airline passenger satisfaction survey template

The passenger satisfaction survey help clients schedule hassle-free meetings or calls. With this, you can manage all responses in one platform and communicate with your customers actively.

Understanding Airline passenger satisfaction survey template

Our expert airline passenger feedback survey template helps to understand how your airline is doing and if passengers are satisfied with your airline. As we know the airline industry is highly competitive and just small details can influence someone to decide to choose one airline over another. The airline feedback survey will ask questions about how passengers purchase tickets and what they like most about the airline.

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List of Airline passenger satisfaction survey questions

The following questions are included in this Airline passenger satisfaction survey template.

  • Do you typically fly for a business or for personal reasons?
  • Do you typically purchase your plane tickets directly from an airline or via an online travel discount site?
  • How often do you fly with our airline?
  • Do you participate in an airline rewards program?
  • How often do you pack less than you would like to avoid baggage fees when traveling on our airline?
  • How likely are you to recommend our airline to a friend or colleague?

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