CRM Software Survey Template

Use this CRM Software Survey template to know how your teammates are using the software and identify the right training opportunities to improve the experience.

Understanding CRM Software Survey Template

CRM (Customer relationship management software) permits businesses to effectively manage and develop relationships with customers. This is the reason why the way your business uses this software directly impacts the customer experience.

Use this CRM software template to understand how your organization is using the software to manage internal business operations and, thus, employee workload. Also, it will identify the right training opportunities for different teams and get an overall sense of how your CRM is performing.

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List of CRM Software Survey Template Questions

The following questions are included in CRM Software Survey Template:

  • Does your organization use a computer-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?
  • Which CRM system do you use?
  • What key functions do you and other staff use in the CRM system?
  • How well do CRM applications or systems help you in understanding your customers?

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