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Measure employee feedback at all touchpoints at your company, increase communication, reduce employee turnover and create a great workplace culture!

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What is an Employee Feedback Software & why you need it?

Traditionally most companies relied on once-a-year performance reviews and feedbacks where employees could share their feedback about the company and work culture. With everyone agile in working standards, feedback needs to change too! That’s why you need an Employee Feedback Software to help you measure in-the-moment feedback and employee satisfaction and drive action.
With an Employee Feedback Tool, you drive real-time accountability for all touchpoints and areas, give employees a feedback platform to appreciate, vent and share suggestions and create a culture with open communication and growth.

  • Create custom surveys for all touchpoints
  • Set up feedback channels everyone - in office on tablet, through email and SMS surveys, and online
  • Measure employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Get notified for miffed employees and identify recurring issues
  • View employee feedback trends
  • Compare various locations
  • Measure metrics like Employee Satisfaction and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

How Employee Feedback helps

NPS Star

Get the pulse of your employees

Capture the pulse of your employees by regularly capturing feedback through short-customized employee feedback forms.

Responsive All

Know feedback for all touchpoints

Set up feedback systems for performances, post trainings, post interviews, onboarding, at washrooms, cafeteria and more.


Identify issues & improve

Measuring employee feedback regularly is great as it gives you data to know problem areas, hold departments accountable and make improvements.

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Top Features of the Employee Feedback Software

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    Fully customize employee surveys

    Customize and create any employee surveys to get the employee pulse.
    Online Survey Builder
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    Measure metrics that matter

    Measure Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Employee Satisfaction & more.
    Rating Questions
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    Get real-time responses

    Get feedback in real-time, analyze feedback and take action.
    Response Inbox
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    Close the Feedback Loop

    Use the Employee Feedback Software to close the feedback loop.
    Take Actions and Close the Feedback
NPS Multichannel

Take Employees Surveys from all channels using one platform

Measure and improve your Employee Feedback and Satisfaction on every platform. With Zonka Feedback, you can conduct Employee surveys using all touchpoints.

  • Android Tablets & Smartphones Employees Survey
  • iPads & iPhones Employees Survey
  • Offline Employee Surveys
  • Online Employee Surveys
  • SMS Employee Surveys
  • Email Employee Surveys
  • And more!

Types of Surveys you can create using an Employee Feedback Software

  • Employee Benefits Survey
  • Employee Performance Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Cafeteria Feedback Form
  • Washroom Feedback From
  • Employee Transport Feedback Form
  • Onboarding Feedback Form
  • Pre-Interview Form
  • Post Interview Feedback Form


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