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Keep your customer success team and feedback managers in loop with instant Feedback Alerts and Notifications through email, Slack and SMS for new feedback.

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Automate Customer Feedback Management with Feedback Alerts

Keep your team in loop in real-time

While responses and reports can be viewed anytime, with Survey Notifications and Alerts the team can be notified directly on their emails, on Slack and via text messages.

Know negative feedback immediately

Set up alerts for low or negative feedback based on NPS, CES and CSAT to get notified of miffed customers immediately.

Resolve customer issues faster

Equip your team with the data to take action immediately for unhappy customers and prevent customer churn.

Close the Feedback Loop

With real-time survey notifications and team actions, you can ensure closing the feedback loop faster and improving customer experience.

Response Notifications


Real-time Alerts for CX-based Feedback

  • bellSurvey Notifications for all Feedback

    Set up notifications for every feedback you receive at the moment for specific users or all of your team.

  • bar-chart-2Configure Feedback Alerts based on CX Metrics

    Get notifications for low or negative feedback, like for Detractors ( in NPS Surveys), Unhappy Customers (CSAT Surveys) and High Effort Customers (in CES Surveys).

  • settings Manage Notifications for different surveys

    Configure alerts and notifications for different surveys and feedback forms.


Configure custom survey alerts for team

Besides one-click CX Metrics based survey notifications, you can also set up Custom Alerts based on any filter — survey responses, contact attributes or survey variables.

  • Set conditions for Response Alerts to be triggered 
  • Send Alerts by SMS or Emails 
  • Compose custom message for Alerts 
  • Send Survey information with variables
Custom Feedback Alerts
Zonka Feedback Notifications in Slack


Get feedback notifications and custom alerts on Slack

Integrate your Slack account with Zonka Feedback and eliminate all notifications on email and get them directly on your Slack. Configure response notifications and alerts to direct users or in Slack channels.

  • Set up new response alerts for users and channels 
  • Trigger custom alerts and workflows for users and channels 


Use Workflows to Automate Alerts

Create and execute different notifications based on Survey Response and conditions using Automation and Workflows. 

  • Send Email or SMS Notifications to Respondents
  • Send Email or SMS Alerts to Team
  • Trigger Slack Notifications to Users and Slack Channels 
Workflows and Automation
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