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iPads can be used as your Feedback Devices in multiple cases

Customer Satisfaction

Run Smiley Surveys, NPS Surveys, Rating Surveys, 5-Star Surveys, Happy or Not Surveys to gauge Customer Satisfaction.


Set up iPad Feedback Devices at Clinics and Healthcare Centers to gauge real-time patient feedback.

Event Lead

Capture Leads and Contact information at events with iPad Survey App.

Customer Service

Measure Customer Effort and Agent Support by running CES surveys on iPads at customer service desks.

Unattended Kiosk

Turn iPads into unattended Kiosk Survey Devices to get on-premises feedback from visitors and customers.

Feedback Tool

By turning your iPad into Kiosk Devices or handing them over to customers, you can get on-premises feedback.


Use iPads and iPhones on-the-go to do market research and collect data.


Use Zonka to survey employees frequently at various touchpoint like a cafeteria, meeting rooms, post-training and more.

Survey Builder


Create fully customized surveys for iPads

  • editWYSIWYG Survey Editor

    Create your survey effortlessly with an easy-to-use Survey Builder.

  • imageCustomize Design & Choose Themes

    Pick from themes or create your own. Add logo, background, colors & font.

  • smartphone Choose Survey Orientation

    Display your surveys in portrait or landscape mode on iPads.

  • help-circle Pick from 30+ Question Types

    Create surveys with NPS, CES, CSAT, Dropdown, Likert Scale, Comment box and more.


Turn your iPads into Unattended Kiosk Devices

  • lockPin iPad Survey App

    Use Guided Access Settings to pin and lock the iPad Survey App on your device and block team and customers from exiting the app.

  • keySet password and pin to exit survey

    Give only limited users access to exit the survey by setting a secure password or pin.

  • repeat Set iPad Survey in Loop

    Turn on settings and set time to restart the survey upon completion.

  • clock Turn on Survey Inactivity Timeout

    Worried about survey abandonment? Set time for inactivity and reset the survey after timeout to run smoothly unattended.

Offline Survey Settings
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Take Feedback on iPads without WiFi

No internet connection? No worries! With Zonka Feedback’s Offline iPad Feedback Tool, you can take feedback without the Internet.


The responses get stored in the iPad Survey App and auto-syncs as soon as the internet is connected. 


Capture leads during events, take feedback without Internet, do data collection and market research at remote locations with Zonka Feedback’s iPad Survey App.


Track iPad Feedback Devices Remotely

Track Feedback iPads placed at various touch points of your organization. Access information about the iPad like device battery, device uptime, responses collections, current location selected and a lot more from your web dashboard.

  • View current status of your iPad Feedback Device 
  • Track iPad Survey App uptime
  • View logged in user on your App
  • Get real-time information of device battery
  • See feedback responses and logs
Device Tracking - iOS

Automate Workflows

Create Workflows & Automate CX Program

Design workflows in an intuitive Workflow Design and trigger automatic actions based on Survey Responses.  

  • tool-newWorkflow Designer 

    With an easy-to-use Worfklow Designer, automate repetitive tasks and actions to scale up your CX Program. 

  • alert-triangle-newAlerts, Notifications & Response Actions

    Set up Alerts and Notifications for team, Add Response Tags, Create Tasks and more for new Responses. 

  • users-newSegment Contacts & Trigger Actions

    Add Contacts to lists, segment them and trigger more Email and SMS Surveys to customers. 



Gain amazing insights with Zonka Feedback’s Real-time Feedback Reports.

Snapshot Report

This is an Overview Report to get a quick summary and analysis of Responses, CX Metrics and Survey Channels.

Response Insights

Get Insights and Analysis of all Survey Responses and CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT)

Location Insights

Have multiple locations? Analyze and compare their performance and scores.

Team Performance Report

With this get analysis and comparison of team member performance on each question and metrics.

Response Inbox

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report.

Trends Report

View and analyze how Survey Responses and Metrics have changed over time, in a powerful Trends Report.

Text Analytics

Make meaning of open-ended responses, comment boxes and unstructured text data in Text Analytics report.

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Unified Response Inbox

With a real-time Response Inbox, see responses as soon as they come, from wherever you are. Add tags, notes and tasks to take action and close the feedback loop.


View Response Inbox

View all feedback and responses in a Collaborative Response Inbox.

Filter Responses

Use Date, Response Choices, Contact Attributes, Variables to filter.

Tag Responses

Add Tags to responses. Flag them or mark them as urgent.

Add Tasks & Actions

Create tasks for team, take action and close the feedback loop.

Segment by NPS, CES & CSAT

View CX Scores (NPS, CES and CSAT) and filter by metrics-based segments. 

Manage Contacts

See Contacts with Responses & Attributes. Track Contact Activity.


Integrate with your existing tools

Connect your favorite tools for a seamless feedback management.

  • refresh-cw-newSync Data 

    Sync data to apps and tools.. Map survey fields to fields in your CRMs, Customer Support Tools, Marketing Automation Software.

  • mail-newAutomatic Email Triggers 

    Trigger automatic survey campaigns and actions for events like New Contact Added, Ticket Closed or Solved, New Order placed.

  • share-2-newDeep Integrations

    Use Native Integrations with Intercom, HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, & more. Build your own using APIs & Webhooks.

Know more about Integrations 
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Benefits of iPad Survey Software


Easy to use

iPad Survey Software is very easy to set up and takes than less than 2 minutes to get started once your feedback forms are set up.


iPhone & iPad Feedback App

You can use both iPads and iPhones to capture feedback from customers and employees on an iPad Survey App.


Real-time Feedback & Responses

iPad Feedback App helps you get real-time customer feedback, while their experience is fresh in their minds, in-the-moment.


Customizable Feedback Forms

You can create beautiful & attractive feedback forms that can be completely white-labelled to your company branding.


Multi-lingual iPad Surveys

Personalize experience for customers through multi-lingual surveys so they can give feedback in their language.


Run Location based iPad Surveys

With iPad Survey App, run different surveys in different locations. Get cumulative and comparative location reports.

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Global Brands



1 Million

Surveys per month

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