Post Purchase NPS Survey Template

How was your customers' experience while shopping at your store or on your website? Measure Customer Experience and Loyalty after they have made a purchase and post check out using this Post Purchase NPS Survey Template.

Gauging Shopping Experience with Post Purchase NPS Surveys

With Post Purchase NPS Surveys, you can ask customers to rate you on their likelihood to recommend you based on their recent shopping and check out experience. This helps you understand and measure their loyalty based on the experience you offer.

You can use the Post Purchase NPS Survey Template in-store by setting it up on Feedback Kiosks. For eCommerce and Online Websites, you can use Website Surveys to show a NPS Survey pop-up after checkout. To measure the experience of shopping, purchase and delivery, you can send the NPS Survey post delivery via Email Surveys and SMS Surveys to your customers.

There are multiple benefits of using Post Purchase NPS Surveys. Since the Survey comes directly after a shopping experience, the customers have the experience fresh in their mind and are likely to respond honestly. Also, the NPS Survey triggered after checkout and purchase is a transactional one and hence it can be used for returning customers as well.

This Post Purchase NPS Survey Template by Zonka Feedback is a logic-based survey. The first question is the NPS Question with logic. For promoters, the follow up question is choice-based question to indicate what they liked about the shopping experience. For detractors and passives, the follow up question is a choice-based question to indicate what they didn’t like about the shopping experience.

The last question is the comments box for customers to enter free-text about their experience. An ideal way to use the Post Purchase NPS Survey Template would be to integrate Zonka Feedback with your tools using APIs and Webhooks to pass data like Bill Number, Purchase Date and more to the survey and responses.

To create a survey using the Post Purchase NPS Survey template, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Post-Purchase NPS Questions

The following questions are included in this Post-Purchase NPS Survey Template. 

  • Based on your recent shopping experience with us, how likely are you to recommend shopping with us to your friends and family?
  • We're sorry to hear that your experience wasn't great. Which of the following do you suggest we can work on to make you happier?
  • Yay! We're glad you had a good experience. Which of the following made you happy shopping with us?
  • We'd love to know your comments and suggestions. Please share here.
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number

Ideally, Customer Details like Name, Email Address and Mobile Number can be passed from your tools when (and if) you integrate Zonka Feedback to your tools. You can remove these questions if you want to capture anonymous feedback regarding their purchase experience. 

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