Post Transaction Survey Template with CES 2.0

Measures the levels of effort your customers have to put into a certain interaction or transaction with you to achieve their goals using this Post Transaction Survey Template.

Measuring Ease of Doing a Transaction using Post Transaction Survey Template with CES 2.0 Question

Making the purchase and transaction process easy for customers is an important step to achieve low customer effort and high customer loyalty and satisfaction. Using a Post Transaction Survey after a product or service is purchased by the customer is a great way to ask the customers directly about how easy or difficult making this transaction was for them. This helps you understand and measure how the purchase experience was for your customer - was the purchase experience delightful, did the customer face any issues during the transaction, are there any improvements you can do for a quicker and easier transaction? Post Transaction Surveys help you quantify customer experience and improve your interactions and transaction processes. 

This Post Transaction Survey Template uses Customer Effort Score Question (CES 2.0) to seek feedback on how easy the company made the process of the transaction for the customer. This is followed by an open-ended question (comment box) for customers to input any other feedback in their own words. 

You can use the Post Purchase Transaction Survey Template in-store by setting it up on Offline Feedback Kiosks. For eCommerce and Online Websites, you can use the Website Survey to show a Survey pop-up after checkout. To measure the experience of shopping, purchase, and delivery, you can also send this Post Transaction CES Survey after delivery via Email Surveys and SMS Surveys to your customers. You can also integrate Zonka Feedback with your eCommerce Website and Platform to trigger a customized Post Transaction Survey after a transaction is completed.

You can trigger the post-transaction survey at the specific customer touchpoints like after purchase, post subscription, after booking an appointment at the hospital, post free trial sign up, after a demo, and more. Ideally, the Post Transaction Survey should be sent to the customer or presented right after the transaction while the experience is still fresh in the mind of the customer. 

To create and send Post Transaction Surveys to your customers, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose the Post Transaction Survey Template with CES 2.0 Question when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Post Transaction Survey Questions including CES 2.0

The following questions are included in this Post Transaction Survey Template. 

  • To what extent do you agree with the following statement: the team made it easy for me to make a transaction? 
  • What is the primary reason for your score?

The first question in this Survey Template is the CES 2.0 (Customer Effort Score Question) followed by an open-ended comment box for customers to share their feedback in their own words. The follow-up question can be changed to a multiple-choice question as well for customers to choose the reason for their score. Alternatively, you can also add logic-based follow-up questions - one for customers who choose medium and high effort in CES 2.0 Question and other questions for those who choose low effort.

To capture Customer Details and information, an ideal way is to pass that information in your Survey Link, Email Survey, or SMS Survey or integrate this with your website or an eCommerce platform to pass the data to Zonka Feedback. You can also add fields to seek Customer Details in your Survey. 

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