Product Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Asking your customers about how satisfied they are with the product is one of the best ways to really measure your customer satisfaction with a specific product and know how you’re doing. Zonka provid

Measure product customer satisfaction with our survey because a better product can help to keep your customers happy. 

The end goal of this survey is to give you actionable feedback from your consumers that you can apply to improve customer experience with your products and services. 

The questions on this survey template will uncover how your customers feel about the aspects of your product such as quality, length of life, design, consistency, range of products, and more. 

All this is available on your device and can be accessed anywhere. The sharing of the template with your guests can be done in real-time via email, web-app, SMSes, and kiosk. This survey works well in offline mode, therefore, getting the customer experience from your customers gets easier. 

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List of Product Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

The following questions are included in this Product Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Compared to products offered by our competitors, would you say that our product is:
  • Will you use or purchase our product again?
  • When you contacted our customer service team, were all issues resolved to your complete satisfaction?
  • Would you like to mention anything specific in your experience with our product that was not asked in the survey?
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