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Customer Feedback Software for Restaurants

With Zonka Feedback's Restaurant Customer Feedback Software, you can take feedback in restaurant and for delivery, get real-time customer feedback, view in-depth reports, take action and resolve issues quicker than ever before. Designed for stand alone restaurant and for large chains.

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Why you need a Restaurant Feedback App?

A digital feedback app and software for Restaurant is a great way to hear the voice of each customer and get their feedback about your food, ambience, service, staff and more – all in real-time.

  • Get 100% more feedback
  • Feedback from all touchpoints
  • Get real-time feedback
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Track staff performances
  • Manage & compare locations
  • Improve Customer Delight & Satisfaction


Set up a feedback system at all restaurant locations. Easily track and compare feedback and guest satisfaction across locations.



Use Tablets & Kiosk Feedback App for in-restaurant feedback. Send Email or SMS surveys post delivery. Print QR Code on Food Bills. 



Your customers speak different languages? No problem – do your restaurant feedback form in multiple languages. 



Ask any questions with Customized Restaurant Feedback Forms

Create good-looking Restaurant Feedback Forms & Surveys with all the relevant questions you want to ask. 

  • Choose from expert Restaurant Feedback Templates
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • Customize survey look and feel
  • White-label your surveys
  • Add multiple languages
  • Measure
  • Add Logic to your Surveys


Take Customer Feedback in Restaurants at all touchpoints

Take feedback from your Restaurant Customers wherever they are.


iPad & Android Restaurant Feedback App

Take customer feedback in restaurants on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Phones. Set up as kiosk or just hand device in-person.


Online Restaurant Feedback

Create and add online surveys on your website or send survey links to get feedback for restaurants and food from customers.

Email Survey Icon_Blue

Restaurant Feedback through Email Invitation

Send emails with survey links to customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email.


Restaurant Feedback through SMS

Send mobile-responsive survey links to customers through SMS to share their experience and feedback about the restaurant and food.



New Feedback? Get Alerts Immediately

Get real-time notifications and alerts for all new feedback at your Restaurant. 

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback in restaurants
  • Schedule daily digests


Keep Customers Happy

& Close the Feedback Loop

Let teams work together on feedbacks and take action using Zonka’s Collaborative Response Manager. Tag low feedbacks and mark those which require follow-ups. Take corrective actions to close the feedback loop.

  • Set up real-time SMS alerts for negative feedbacks
  • Get instant emails for new feedback in restaurants
  • Schedule daily digests


Real-time Restaurant Feedback Reporting

In times when Twitter, Facebook, Zomato and Yelp can make or break reputations, restaurants must deliver the best experiences every time. That’s why you need a feedback system that tells you what’s happening at your restaurant before your customers rant elsewhere. With Zonka Feedback, quick insights and in-depth analysis of restaurant feedbacks lead to better understanding of guest sentiment and satisfaction, complaints and quicker resolutions.

Customer Experience

Capture restaurant feedbacks in real time and fix issues within premises. Improve customer experience in restaurant like never before.

Customer Experience Survey

Summary Digests in your inbox

Get daily, weekly or monthly digests of feedbacks delivered in your inbox. Stay updated with restaurant feedbacks and complaints by customers.

Customer Feedback Email Alerts For Restaurants

Set up multiple restaurants and chains to take feedback

Zonka is the perfect feedback software for multi-location restaurants and chains.


Set up different locations

Have multiple locations of restaurants and cafes? Easily set up different locations and restaurant outlets and run same or different feedback forms at each location.


Assign location-based access

Give location-based access and permission to staff. For instance, feedbacks from a particular location can be accessed by only assigned team members.


Get location-wise feedbacks & reports

You can choose to receive reports for each of your restaurant location individually or receive cumulative data for all your locations grouped together


Run location-comparison reports

Compare the performances of each of your locations for each feedback form question and each parameter, over any period of time.

Types of Restaurants where Zonka is used

Fine Dining Restaurants

Hand over white-labelled feedback forms on tablets to guests in fine dining restaurants to share their feedbacks about service, ambience, experience and more.

Quick Service Restaurants

Set up feedback forms on tablet kiosks at Quick Service Restaurants to get instant feedback on new menu items, quality, speed of service and staff efficiency.

Delivery Restaurants

Print feedback form link and QR codes on bills and delivery boxes to let customers give feedbacks. Know customer feedback about food delivery, taste, quantity and more.


Capture feedbacks about food taste, service, menu items and hygiene in cafeterias. Deploy floor mounted kiosks across cafeterias in schools, offices & colleges.

Casual Dining Restaurants

Use tablets to let customers share their feedback first-hand, on-premises about food, service, ambience and more before ranting out anywhere else.

Takeaway Joints

Send out web survey links via Email and SMS to customers or print feedback links and QR codes on bills and takeaway boxes so customers can give feedback after their meal .

Pubs & Bars

Take feedback at pubs and discos from guests on-premises using tablets to allow them to share their experience about ambience, food and drinks, service with you.

Catering Services

Send web survey links via SMS and Emails to your clients on their perception of your food taste, quality, variety in menu items, hygiene standards and other services.

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Uses & Implementation of Restaurant Feedback System


Evaluate Guest Dining Experience

Design surveys to take feedback at restaurants from customers about key concern areas like food, ambience, service and staff behaviour through various types of questions.


Complaints Management System

Manage customer complaints with real-time alerts and reports. Solve issues with the help of team collaboration and take suitable actions to resolve customer complaints within the premises.


Internal Complaints & Feedback tool

Utilize the customer feedbacks to improve services and strengthen areas which observe frequent complaints from the customers. Staff related feedbacks can be used for training purposes.


Customer Loyalty

Capture guest loyalty and their willingness to recommend you by incorporating the NPS question in your feedback surveys. NPS is the market standard which measures customer loyalty on a scale of 0-10.


New Menu Feedback

Change in food menu or introducing a new one? Change in the food menu in a restaurant is a common event. Hand over the feedback tablets to guests in order to collect reviews on their take on the new food menu.


Food Event Feedback

Events and festivals attract a huge crowd at restaurants. Collect feedbacks from them on parameters like value for money, overall guest satisfaction with the event, suggestions and more.


Data Capture for Marketing

Capture customer information like names, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays / anniversaries and opt-in permissions and use the data for Newsletters and marketing purposes in your restaurant.


Restaurant Staff Analysis

Incorporate questions related to staff performance and ratings in your restaurant surveys so that you can critically analyze and examine their performance based on guest feedback in restaurants.


Cafeteria Feedback in Offices / Schools

Deploy touchscreen tablet kiosks at cafeterias in schools, offices and colleges. Collect feedbacks regarding the food taste, food menu, hygiene and kitchen staff using Zonka’s Restaurant Feedback Solution.



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