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Multichannel Feedback and Survey Platform

Distribute your surveys and take feedback from multiple channels.


Collect feedback, conduct surveys and research on your website from your website visitors.


Conduct in-moment surveys and feedback on Kiosks, iPads, iPhones and Android Tablets and Smartphones.


Send Email Surveys with Button, Link or Question Embedded in the email or the email signature.


Send SMS Survey invitations to your audiences with Survey Link that opens the survey on their mobile browsers.


Run mobile responsive surveys on mobile devices, and capture feedback and data on-the-go.


Measure how your customer success team is doing by taking NPS, CES and CSAT feedback inside Intercom.


Integrate Zonka Feedback to tools you use to trigger real-time surveys and feedback after events.

Website Survey - Customer Satisfaction


Collect feedback on your website

Get post transaction, exit intent, general website visitor feedback with Website Surveys.

  • message-circleMicrosurveys

    Micro Surveys are short surveys ideal for collecting quick feedback on your website.

  • navigationFeedback Button

    Add a feedback button on targeted web pages for audiences to opt to give feedback.

  • monitorSlide Outs

    Slide out a feedback form on your website (ideally based on an event) to get feedback.

  • external-linkPop Ups

    Trigger pop up surveys on websites get feedback or run surveys.

  • linkEmbed & Links

    Embed surveys within your web page body or in-app.


Collect feedback from your on-site visitors

Get in-moment, on-premises feedback from your customers by using touchscreen tablets and devices.

  • tabletAndroid Feedback App

    Turn your Android tablets and smartphones to feedback devices with Zonka Feedback.

  • tabletiPad Feedback App

    Use iPads and iPhones to take feedback on premises from your customers.

  • monitor-new Kiosk Surveys

    Run unattended surveys and feedback forms on your touchscreen devices.

  • wifi-off Offline Surveys

    Collect feedback, even without WiFi, at remote locations with the Offline Survey App.

Survey App


Send surveys & collect responses in Emails

Trigger email surveys and in-signature emails with Feedback button, Link or embedded questions. 

  • mail-newEmail Survey Invitations

    Send Survey web links as buttons or links through emails to your customers.

  • star-newEmbedded Email Surveys

    Embed CX Metrics questions like NPS, CES and CSAT within your email body.

  • user In-Signature Email Surveys

    Embed questions (NPS, CES, CSAT) or add survey link or button in your signature. 

  • clock Schedule Email Surveys

    Compose and send email surveys scheduled for a later date and time.

  • download Download and Share Email Templates

    Download and use Email Templates in your marketing and email platforms to get feedback and conduct surveys.


Send survey Invitations via SMS

Reach out to any customer with a smartphone with SMS Surveys for real-time feedback. 

  • smartphoneSMS Survey Link

    Send survey links in text messages to access mobile responsive survey on their browser. 

  • clockScheduled SMS Surveys

    Schedule SMS with survey links to be sent at a later time and date.

  • link-2 SMS Surveys triggered via third party apps

    Automatically trigger survey SMS after an interaction or transaction with integrations to tools you use.

  • monitor-new Automate SMS surveys with APIs

    Use Zonka Feedback APIs in your own platform to automate SMS surveys. 



Collect feedback in Intercom

Evaluate customer satisfaction with the support they’ve received by taking feedback directly in Intercom.

  • message-circleAdd Feedback Form to Intercom Messenger

    Add Feedback button or send surveys in Intercom messengers during or post chat. 

  • message-squareSend Feedback Requests in Custom Bots

    Create custom bots and set conditions to automatically send NPS, CES and CSAT surveys.

  • mail Automated Intercom Emails

    Add workflows to send automatic survey emails with the feedback link or question.

  • clipboard Embedded Feedback Buttons in Posts

    Embed survey questions or feedback button directly in Intercom posts.


Connect to Tools to trigger surveys

  • bookmarkCollect Help Desk post resolution feedback

    Trigger feedback forms automatically after a ticket is closed or updated in Help Desks like Zendesk, Help Scout, Intercom, Freshdesk.

  • file-textGather feedback from the CRM tools you use

    Set workflows in your CRMs to send surveys and feedback forms to your contacts.

  • message-squareDistribute Surveys to your Marketing contacts

    Send forms to your contacts via tools like ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp.

  • message-squareSend surveys post transaction for eCommerce

    Take post purchase feedback by integrating Zonka Feedback to eCommerce stores like Shopify, WooCommerce. 

  • bookmarkAPIs, Webhooks and Zapier

    Trigger surveys from actions based on any tool using Zapier, APIs and Webhooks.

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