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Zonka Feedback Survey Reports Used by 10,000 businesses in 50+ countries

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View an overview of Survey Data with Survey Snapshot Report

Get a summary and analysis of Responses, Response Time, Survey Completion Time, CX Metrics and Survey Channels in the Survey Snapshot Report.

  • View Survey Responses, Completion Rate & Average Completion Time of the survey.
  • Get Response Analysis for CX Metrics - NPS, CES and CSAT
  • View the latest ten responses and a response trends graph giving away the respondent activity slope.
  • Explore location and team wise Leaderboards for performance evaluations.
  • View an analysis of all Survey Channels over which you distributed the survey.


View insights and analysis of all the Survey Questions and Responses

Get a summary and analysis of each question and how it was responded to and identify trends.

  • Get Response Analysis for all questions including CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT)
  • View corresponding CX Metrics for all question options.
  • Get scores, averages and percentage values of the responses collected.
  • Know how many times a question has been skipped or taken.


Learn about how your team is performing

Know how well your Customer Success Teams are performing by taking feedback for them with Zonka Feedback.

  • View team-wise survey response report.
  • Compare teams based on CX Metrics (NPS, CES and CSAT) being measured.
  • Get heatmaps and leaderboards for your team and agent.


Analyze feedback collected across multiple locations

For location-based businesses, take location-based feedback and view question-wise analysis for the locations.

  • Manage multiple locations and view feedback captured across locations.
  • Compare CX metrics based on locations - NPS, CES and CSAT.
  • Get a detailed, question-wise comparison for all locations.
  • View heatmaps and leaderboards for the number of responses and CX Metrics for locations.


View & Track Real-time Responses in all-in-one Response Inbox

View your feedback and survey responses in real-time in your Response Inbox.


Inbox View

Just like an email inbox, you can view all your feedback and responses in your Response Inbox as soon as they’re captured.

Filter Responses

Add filters to your inbox like Date, Locations, Team, Contact Attributes, Survey Response Choices, CX Metrics and more to view condition-based responses.

View CX Metrics Segments

View metrics - Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score and Customer Satisfaction Score with your Survey Response.

Tag Responses

Create and add your own tags to responses based on any themes. Flag them or mark them as important.

Add Tasks & Actions

Create tasks for the team for survey responses, take actions on them and close the feedback loop.

Manage Contacts

Add and manage contact lists in Zonka and distribute surveys via email and SMS.


View data over-time with Survey Trends Report

View performance of your metrics - Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score - over a period of time, on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.


Use the Trends Report to analyze growth and score overtime and improve on existing processes and services.



Analyze open-ended questions and comments with Text Analytics Report

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    View a visual representation of the most repeated words in your survey in a colorful word cloud.

  • file-textWord Count Table

    View words that were used in your open-ended questions and comment boxes with the number of times they were mentioned, in how many responses they were mentioned and their corresponding CX Metrics - NPS, CES and CSAT.

Survey Reporting Features

View and enjoy your pre-built, advanced survey reports instantly, in real-time and all in one-click.


Real-time Reports

Know what your audience has to say in real time. Zonka Feedback reports get fed as soon as a response is captured.


NPS, CES and CSAT Reports

View detailed analysis of customer satisfaction, loyalty and ease of doing business with you with CX Metrics reports - NPS, CES and CSAT.


Drill-down Reports

Gain access to rapid information in real time and pinpoint the reasons behind the figures.


Graphical Survey Reporting

Get visually appealing graphical representations of large datasets for identifying any trends


Filter your Survey Reports

Add custom filters to your response data by date, questions, locations, tags, attributes, variables, and more.


Save Reports

Generate your custom reports with added filters and themes and then save it for future access.


Export Reports

Export these reports in your desired format and use it to analyze the data when offline or share with your peers.


Schedule Survey Reports

Schedule the reports by daily, weekly or monthly and get them automatically generated and delivered to your inbox.

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