Website Feedback Surveys

Capture data and take feedback from Website Visitors

With Zonka Feedback’s Website Feedback Surveys, you can do lead capture and take feedback on your Website using Web Embedded Surveys and Web Feedback Widgets to get valuable insights about Website Visitor Experience, make improvements and reduce churn.

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Website Embed Surveys

Embed Surveys on Webpages

You can Embed Surveys on your Website, specific Webpages and on Blogs to get feedback from Website Visitors using a simple code from Zonka Feedback. Once embedded, the Web Survey becomes a part of your page and can be filled out by the Visitors to share their feedback and information.

Web Feedback Widgets

Integrate Website Feedback with a Feedback Button on your Website and with Feedback Popovers

Web Feedback Popovers

Web Feedback Popovers

Website Feedback Popovers are great to embed Surveys on your Website and grab your visitor’s attention. You can control the behavior of the Web Feedback Popups and display them based on various conditions, attributes and user actions to take feedback and collect data. Feedback Popovers on Website can be displayed as a Pop Up as well as slide open from the bottom of the screen. 

Feedback Button on Website

Web Feedback Buttons

Website Feedback Button can be incorporated on your Website wherever you like and can be used by Customers and Visitors to share their feedback. You can control the display and behavior of your Website Feedback Button to display it based on conditions, time spent on the website, percentage of page browsed and more.

Types of Website Feedback Surveys

User Experience Surveys

With User Experience Surveys on Website you can measure how easy it is to find information on the website and the complete website browsing experience. 

Cart Abandonment Surveys

Cart Abandonment Surveys are very helpful in investigating reasons for why visitors abandoned their cart and highlight the possible problems in making a purchase. 

Post Transaction Survey

Once a transaction is complete, like purchase, booking, sign up, you can display a Post Transaction Survey to measure the level of ease of doing the transaction and satisfaction. 

NPS Surveys

NPS Surveys are used to determine loyalty and likelihood of your visitors to recommend your website, brand, product to others based on their experience. 

Lead Capture Surveys

With visitors on your website, you can use Lead Capture Surveys to seek information and contact details of visitors, while also capturing Visitor Feedback. 



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