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Measure and Improve Experiences through Website Feedback and Surveys

Take feedback from Website Visitors - both quantitive and qualitative. Collect data, measure satisfaction at various online touchpoints on your Website.

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Website Feedback Software

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What is Website Feedback Software?

Website Feedback Software is an online tool to collect data and take feedback using online surveys on Website.

With Zonka Feedback, you can measure feedback across the website about user experience, measure satisfaction, improve response rate and act on the feedback.

With real-time website feedback, you can:

  • Measure user experience on the website
  • Measure effectiveness of the website
  • Take feedback after interactions like purchase, conversion and cart abandonment
  • Manage and improve the entire digital experience

Why use Website Feedback Software?

Measure and improve Users' Digital Experience on your Website

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Centralize your feedbacks

With a ready-to-use Website Feedback Software, you can easily set up feedback surveys at various touchpoints and through various interactions on your website to completely streamline the feedback process.

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Engage with your visitors

Website Feedback helps you engage with your website visitors and audience and take their feedback about website experience or post interaction like purchase, conversion and cart abandonment.

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Act on Website Visitors' Feedback

With real-time feedback, you get the feedback data and insights to know what’s working and what’s not. Your visitors share their issues, which can be used in real-time to act on feedback and reduce churn.

Web Embed & Web Widgets

Type of Website Embedded Surveys

Choose from Web Embedded Surveys and Web Widgets

With Zonka Feedback, you can choose how you want your surveys and feedback forms to appear on your website - as inline Web Embedded Surveys on your website and blog, or as Feedback Popovers and Feedback Buttons.

Easily manage your Website Feedback Forms & Surveys

Control appearance, functionality and targeting of your Website Surveys without any dependence on your IT team.

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    Configure Web Survey Embed Layout

    Customize the look, height and width of your Web Survey while embedding Survey on your Website.
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    Customize Web Widget Appearance

    Fully control the look and feel of your Website Surveys, without technical know-how and help from IT team.
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    Personalize Website Widget Targeting

    Decide Website Widget Targeting based on various conditions like Devices, Specific Pages and User Attributes.
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    Determine the Website Widget Behavior

    Determine when the Widget should launch and how often the Visitors should see the Widget.

Types of Website Feedback Surveys

User Experience Surveys

With User Experience Surveys on Website you can measure how easy it is to find information on the website and the complete website browsing experience. 

Cart Abandonment Surveys

Cart Abandonment Surveys are very helpful in investigating reasons for why visitors abandoned their cart and highlight the possible problems in making a purchase. 

Post Transaction Survey

Once a transaction is complete, like purchase, booking, sign up, you can display a Post Transaction Survey to measure the level of ease of doing the transaction and satisfaction. 

NPS Surveys

NPS Surveys are used to determine loyalty and likelihood of your visitors to recommend your website, brand, product to others based on their experience. 

Lead Capture Surveys

With visitors on your website, you can use Lead Capture Surveys to seek information and contact details of visitors, while also capturing Visitor Feedback. 

Web Feedback Forms

Get generic feedback from your website visitors about the information on your website and gather any suggestions they may have for improvements.

What are Website Feedback Surveys?

Website Feedback Surveys are surveys that your visitors view on your website or your blog. They help you -

  • Effectively take feedback on your website
  • Gauge the effectiveness of the content on website
  • Get feedback about website experience and new pages
  • Gather information and feedback post certain actions

Web Analytics vs Website Feedback Surveys

Web Analytics gives you analytics for Customer Actions like Traffic, On-page Time. Website Feedback Surveys help you gather information about 'Why' behind the Customer Actions through qualitative and quantitive feedback. 

Why should you use Website Feedback Surveys?

Website is nowadays a very popular marketing tool. Knowing Customer Experience on your website and engaging customers by seeking their experience about transactions and activities on your website helps you gauge Customer Experience.



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